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170419 Artificial maintenance of brain functions
210319 Boosting neurogenesis after exercise
210219 Coding power of deoxyribonucleic acid doubled
170119 Cerebellum and addiction
140119 Matching memories by time
030518 Decoding the learning machine of brain
030518 Fasting boosts regenerative capacity of stem cells
260118 Memory rhythms
281217 Naked mole rats and cellular senescence
181217 The effect of lighting on the brain
071217 Mutations in the human brain
021017 Detecting shifting amounts of light
130917 Biochemical adaptations of the retina
260717 Hypothalamic stem cells control ageing speed
240317 Cancer and the unavoidable replicative mutations
230317 Connection matters
040317 Genetic editing to preserve photoreceptors
090317 Brain is more active than previously measured
060217 Myopia cell discovered in retina
210716 Neurons compete to form memories
200716 New map of the cerebral cortex
240616 Different subtypes of neurons
030616 How dopamine tunes working memory
310516 The brain clock that keeps memories ticking
090516 Suppresses perception of heartbeat
270416 How the human brain organizes language
210416 Gene therapy against human aging
130416 Synaptic mechanisms of memory consolidation
040416 Light-activated synthetic tissues
190316 First bi-qubit system created in Russia
170316 A new glimpse into working memory
240216 Link between gene expression and longevity
030216 Selfdestruction of aging cells prolongs life span
181215 Forgetting is key to learning
161215 Music in the brain
081215 Forever young
150915 Non-invasive approach to activating neurons
280815 Tissue assembly
100815 Tuning of magnetic optical response
300715 Another cause of aging
150715 Speed cells in the entorhinal cortex
030715 Repair of damaged deoxyribonucleic acid
020615 Development of bioartificial replacement limbs
250515 Functional human brain tissue
220515 First superconducting qubit created in Russia
080115 Neuroprosthetics for paralysis
191014 Lab-developed intestinal organoids
221014 Direct reprogramming of cells
260914 Axon-carrying dendrites
170914 Degeneration of human brain white matter
170814 Biocomputing based on particle disassembly
070814 Latest IBM brainlike computer chip
080514 How the brain deletes old memories
020414 How the brain of a mammal is wired
270314 Antiaging hormone may actually shorten life
110314 Outside the body our memories fail us
280214 A sparse memory is a precise memory
210214 New neurons in diseased brain region
160214 Rejuvenating stem cells
260114 How brain processes visual information
230114 How brain links memories of events
230114 How memories form in nerve cells
220114 Innate channel that protects against pain
201213 How the brain processes shape and color
171213 Protokidney from human stem cells
171213 Eye cells inkjet-printed for first time
091213 Balancing old and new skills
091213 Brain differences between men and women
081213 Aging out of bounds
141113 Advances retinal implant
131113 Sleep unbinds memories
131113 Aerobic exercise improves brain function
121113 People with depression may age faster
121113 Scientists shed light on creativity
081113 How neural circuits zero in
071113 Gene supports regeneration
011113 Brain neuronal networks
011113 Molecule that orients neurons
311013 Gene linked with synapse formation
301013 How the brain decodes the visual world
241013 Reading minds
231013 A trace of memory
211013 Biological clock able to measure age
171013 Sleep perchance to clean
171013 Rewriting an entire genome
151013 Where old memories go
111013 The emotion enzyme
021013 Taboo genetics
180913 Some antioxidants linked with shorter life
110913 Embryonic stem cells in living organisms
080913 We are consuming too much of the Earth
030913 Role of sirtuins in enhancing longevity
280813 Cerebral organoid
270813 Memories get written onto deoxyribonucleic acid
260813 Internal image of the body
210813 Genes of mother influence ageing of her child
130813 How neurons get wired
120813 Flexible hub network of brain
080813 SyNAPSE development
070813 Making connections in the eye
060813 Practice makes efficiency
040813 How the brain keeps eyes on the prize
180713 Is free will a scientific problem?
160713 New mode of cellular communication
240413 Processing sensory stimuli
210613 Human brain mapped in 3D
090613 Translating learning into memory
160513 Detecting long term memory specific signals
230413 Sequencing genome before birth
230413 Memory implants
210413 Universality of the cerebral cortex
170413 Aging brains
100413 Transparent brain
040413 A «light switch» in the brain
050313 Regulation amount of neural stem cells
250113 Cytoskeleton within axons
191212 How the brain sees category
141212 Bipolar cells generate action potentials
051212 The many maps of the brain
211112 Rules for behavior
311012 Last life form on Earth
301012 Brain circuits run their own clocks
261012 Hypothalamus and energy balance
251012 Resveratrol falls short in health benefits
191012 Assembly of nano-machines mimics human muscle
071012 Remembering in sleeping brain
280912 How to master complex tasks
050912 More about human genome
290812 Light-activated skeletal muscles
170812 Switchboard operator of brain
090812 Brain stem cells for higher functions
190712 Triangles guide the way for live neurons
130712 Evolution of evolvability
260612 «Fingerprints» of memory associations
200612 How the brain sorts objects
190612 Brain stores information in chunks
180612 Highways of the brain
150612 Human-eye precursor from stem cells
140612 New brain areas mapped
080612 Liver from stem cells
030612 Neural rhythms drive physical movement
010612 Gobbling healthy but idle brain cells
230512 Has civilization passed point of No Return?
100512 The making of modern humans
090512 Neurotransmitters that lead to forgetting
090512 Measure brain activity
020512 Human societies as ant colonies
290312 Brain nerves line up neatly
190312 Insight into a shocking therapy
190312 Nerve cells grow on
050312 How new information is encoded in neurons
270212 Immortal worms defy ageing
090212 Climate change prognosis 2012
030212 Insight into cell aging
221211 Groundwater dropping globally
221211 Master controller of memory
211211 When nerve cells stop speaking
191211 Mediterranean diet gives longer life
191211 Eating less keeps the brain young
091211 Proteins linked to longevity
151111 Mimicking the brain in silicon
011111 A rich club in the human brain
261011 Threat of uncontrolled population growth
220911 Reconstructing visual experiences
210911 First quantum von Neumann computer
110911 Coral reefs «will be gone by end of the century»
010911 Molecular mechanism of memory editing
300811 Natural anti-oxidant deserts aging body
180711 Cognitive computing chips
130711 Research reveals brain network connections
120711 Ageless regeneration
290611 Drug reverses «accelerated aging» in human cells
200611 Oceans in distress foreshadow mass extinction
140611 Materials for brain-inspired computing
260511 Cells transdifferentiation
160511 Regrow using multiple cell types
160511 How long you will live
110511 Less education related to faster ageing
030511 10.1 billion people by end of century
280411 Versatility of stem cells
210411 A new ending to an old «tail»
190411 Flexibility of brain predicts learning
190411 Marine organisms can solve the riddle of ageing
150411 Genes controlling «ageing» steroid identified
070411 Chaos promotes stereotyping
300311 Blood simple circuitry for cyborgs
200311 Clue in long-term memory making discovered
170311 Memory may be built with standard blocks
110311 Keys to long life
090311 Composition of the operational human memory
080311 Ecological burial conception
040311 Printing model of kidney
040311 Criminal brains are different from others
030311 «Artificial airway» transplant is world first
030311 Retinal implant approved
210211 Printers inspire scientists to make skin
170211 Sterility in frogs caused by progestogens
160211 Whole genome sequencing used to therapy
150211 Method of deoxyribonucleic acid repair
080211 Discovered «constant gardener» of the brain
070211 Some people genetically programmed to be negative
260111 Plastic artificial retina is a hit with nerve cells
180111 First view of deoxyribonucleic acid damage
221210 Molecule robot could deliver cancer drugs
121210 Stem cells turned into intestinal tissue
081210 Multicellular engineered networks
081210 Do free radicals really cause aging?
301110 Bioengineered devices closer
131010 Living Planet Report 2010
190910 Stem cells could help blind patients to see
130910 Russian anti-aging drug
250810 High performance bioplastic
060810 Global tropical forests threatened by 2100
050810 Salamander regeneration trick builds mouse muscle
020810 First embryonic stem cell trials on humans to begin
280710 The replacement joint of the future naturally grown
120710 Global population study launched by Royal Society
090710 Grown in the Darpa lab blood starts pumping
010710 Genetic variations offer longer life
290410 Biodiversity loss
280310 Population growth should be curbed
250310 Forests still disappearing
150310 Humans could regrow body parts
180210 Most primates in the world endangered revealed
020210 Suicidal tendencies may be genetic
210110 Transistor modeling synapse
151209 RUSNANO created a glossary of nanoterms
231109 Mankind using resources of the Earth at alarming rate
201109 Stem cells could create new skin
191109 Intel chips in brains will control computers by 2020
230909 International scientists set boundaries for survival
220709 Artificial brain 10 years away
050709 Organic electronics for sensory function modulation
010709 Regeneration of salamander limbs
200409 Blood cells can be reprogrammed to act as stem cells
030409 Traits may influence longevity
260209 From stem cells to new organs
240209 Functional neurons from engineered stem cells
170209 Researchers doubt on role of free radicals in aging
220109 Scientists unlock possible aging secret in fruit fly
200109 Microbot motors open new possibilities for surgeons
041108 Next generation longevity drug works
071008 Nanotech comes alive
170908 Australia issues first license to clone human embryos
020608 Scientists build mind-reading computer
220408 Dull jobs really do numb the mind
210408 Bionic eye blindness cure hope
180408 Google plan to index deoxyribonucleic acid
170408 US teams aim to grow ears skin for war wounded
130408 Brain scanners can see your decisions
190308 Artificial muscle heals itself
050308 Mind-reading with a brain scan
290108 Face recognition app reaches high accuracy
140108 Team creates rat heart using cells of baby rats
111207 Human evolution is speeding up
240807 The experimental induction of out-of-body experiences
080607 Data stored in live neurons
270407 Mouse brain simulated on computer
300307 Artificial organs
070606 Nerve tissue interfaced with a computer chip
260605 Predicting the stream of consciousness
230205 First version of the Teleology site started
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